NeedMining is Reflect's qualitative data-mining service.  We take your old (or new) transcripts/audio/video and categorize the insights into macro need areas.  Then we bring them to life with story telling, pictures and/or videos.

Reflect calls the output of this process NeedSpaces.  NeedSpaces are useful for a variety of applications:

Ideation & Brainstorming -  NeedSpaces are ideal stimulus for brainstorming.  Each NeedSpace identifies the underlying factor(s) that influence consumer behavior.  They clarify the problem to be solved... making it easier to discover solutions.

Stakeholder Immersion - NeedSpaces make it possible for EVERYONE on your team to experience the consumer's life.  The stories, pictures, and videos make it feel like they were there in person.

Archiving - Reflect captures NeedSpaces as a physical 'book' (and supplemental multi-media file). We find that typical research summaries get lost in computers.  We want our NeedSpaces to sit beautifully on the shelf... beckoning you to pick them up for inspiration.
What is NeedMining?
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